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Education Development Branch

Additional Provincial Director of Education (Development & Planning)

Mr. K.P.N. Premasiri

Mr. K.P.N. Premasiri


Staff Officers



Ms. Neelamane Surasena

Deputy Director of Education (Education Development/Science) 

Ms. H.T. Kushanthi Kumari

Deputy Director of Education (Information and Communication Technology)

Ms. N.A. Baduraliya

Deputy Director of Education (English)

Mr. D.M.H. Dissanayake

Assistant Director of Education (Special Education)

Mr. Uthaya Kumaran

Assistant Director of Education (Tamil)

Mr. K.S.M.S. Kodithuwakku

Assistant Director of Education (Non Formal and Pre School)

Ms. L.A.D. Dammika Kulathunga

Assistant Director of Education (Sports)

Mr. R.P. Dushmantha Chandralal

Assistant Director of Education (Primary)

Ms. P. Nayana Deepthi Gunarathna

Assistant Director of Education (Sinhala)

Mr. K.D. Nandasena

Assistant Director of Education (Aesthetic)

Ms. L.H.W.R. Silva

Assistant Director of Education (Social Science)

Ms. H. Nayani Perera

Assistant Director of Education (Mathematics)

Rev. R. Seelananda Himi

Coordinator (Piriven)

Rev. V. Medananda Himi

Coordinator (Piriven)

Rev.K. Medankara Himi

Coordinator (Piriven)

Ms. M.K.W.P. Perera

Assistant Director of Education (Western Music)

Ms. H. Madara Samarakoon

Assistant Director of Education (Technical Subjects)

Duties of Education Development Branch

  • Directing Principals and Teachers towards the qualitative Education development of children
  • Activating and developing training and seminars nessary for above matter
  • Maintaining the co-ordination between ministry of Education and National Institute of Education related to education procedures of schools.
  • Conducting and Developing special education and non-formal education programmes and conducting compulsory education orders.
  • Giving free text books, school uniform and lunch for school children.
  • Conducting health improvement and nutritive programmes.
  • Providing scholarships for scholarship holders.
  • Conducting relavant teacher training programmes in order to implement the school curriculum.
  • Prepairing students for National Level Examinations.
  • Conducting professional development activities for teachers.
  • Conducting school supervision activities.
  • Goverment and non-goverment co-ordination related to Education development.
  • Conducting school and provincial Level year end examinations
Last Updated : 13-June-2017